Water Filtration for High Volume Locations

The sub-micron drinking water filtration we supply is applicable to home, work, educational and recreational environments. The key distinction is volume. Some work locations serve hundreds of people a day. The food service industry often demands high flow rates of bottled quality water. Hospitals or schools may also have distinct needs.

The best way to manage high flow and/or high volume requirements is through manifolding two or more XL or XB units in a parallel (not series) configuration. Not only does this provide a higher flow rate, but an exponential increase in overall cartridge longevity also results. As a rough rule, when you double surface area (of filtration media), you can expect up to 4x longevity based on time before pressure loss indicates cartridge replacement.

Since the XL7000 reduces the complete contaminant spectrum that can be found in most tap water – including chlorine, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, oxidized iron and manganese particles, VOCs, THMs, cysts and bacteria – you can in fact accommodate high volumes of water without compromising the extremely fine filtration spectrum the XL7000 assures.

For questions about your specific application, please contact us directly.