We are serious about water.

Don’t get us wrong. Most building filters we supply are smaller than this Omicron Twin 21300-10(H) 316L, for up to 800 gallons/minute @ 10 micron. 

Some are compact units ideal for low flow rates and where space is super tight.

No matter the size, what counts is what’s inside.  You’re looking at the heart of the technology: A superfine screen (usually 10 micron) and a suction scanner that makes physical contact with the screen. 

This is what it takes. It’s how we deliver water of such brilliant transparency that New Yorkers are shocked to see it. 

While the mechanical principles are straightforward, the execution is another matter. Fifteen years and hundreds of projects later, it’s something we’ve gotten really good at. 

How good? Let’s put it this way: There’s not a lot of distance between this list of the most active developers in NYC and our customer base.

Which is why you’ll find Omicron 10 at extraordinary projects like Waterline Square, 53 West 53 Street (MoMA Tower), 76 Eleventh Avenue, 70 Vestry Street and 425 Park Avenue.

But whether you are building one of NYC’s stellar high rises or something smaller doesn’t matter to us. What counts is if you are committed to taking control of water quality on your project.

If you do, we have a lot of expertise to share.  We suggest you tap into it.

For more information about building-wide filtration, storm water reuse and kitchen filtration options, please explore this site, contact us directly, or ask your mechanical engineer to follow up with us.  We'll be glad to work up a design and budget for your review.

Thank you.