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We are honored that the vast majority of mechanical engineering firms handling major NYC projects seek our expertise on water tech applications.  If you are an engineer or owner implementing water technologies on your project, we look forward to answering your questions and offering our support.

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Construction Support

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Virtually all major developers in New York now rely on us to supply their projects with our water technologies.  If you are bidding or awarded a project with Amiad or Omicron filtration specified, please contact us for pricing and any documents or support services you might require.  Our quotes are generally "all in", embracing field support, start up and commissioning.

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Distribution Partnerships


We are expanding our distribution network throughout the United States. If you are qualified and committed to the distribution and support of high performance water tech, we’d like to talk to you.  Or if you’d like to explore the possibility of working for us, we’d like to know more about your experience.

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