Omicron Specifications

The ratio of screen area to flow rate is a universal constant and must be maintained for reliable operation.

For 10μ filtration in typical New York City water conditions, we advise that each gallon per minute of flow rate should have at least 80 cm2 of screen area in a constant pressure application, and ideally about 100 cm2 in a traditional house pump to roof tank application.

Therefore, at a minimum: 100 gpm requires about 8000 cm2 and 400 gpm requires about 32,000 cm2.  We offer these ratios for guidance only.  It is not an exact science, as water quality is never a constant.  The amount of pressure entering the system is a significant factor in correctly sizing for an application.  As a general principle:  When seeking to implement fine filtration, more screen area is better than less.

The table below summarizes our maximum flow rate recommendations for various models in typical New York City water conditions.

For clarity, Omicron model numbers reference total screen area.

Thus our Omicron 21300-10 provides 21,300 cm2 of 10μ screen area. 

Omicron 21300-10(H) PN16 316L nearing completion at factory.  Panel in foreground.  High pressure unit (for up to 230 psi), thus flush line pump deleted.
Omicron 21300-10(H) PN16 316L nearing completion at factory.  Panel in foreground.  Medium-high pressure unit (for up to 230 psi), thus the flush line pump is deleted.

Please note:

  • All systems may be ordered in a range of flange sizes.  The inlet / outlet sizes stated are the most commonly ordered.
  • Default housing material listed is 316L stainless.  All models are also available with coated carbon steel housings (reduced price - please inquire).
  • Default max pressure is 150 psi (PN10).  Most systems are available in higher pressure-rated versions either up to 230 psi (PN16) or up to 360 psi (PN25).  High pressure versions permit installation downstream of house pumps for more reliable 10 micron operation.  The models most often ordered in high pressure versions are listed; other models also available, please inquire.
  • Most systems are available in twin versions manifolded and skidded.  The most often specified are listed; other models also available, please inquire.  Twin configurations permit higher flow rates, redundancy, or a combination of the two attributes.
  • System power is 460V or 208V / 3 phase / 60 hz. Other power configurations are available.
  • Max temperature of water to be filtered is 120 deg. F or otherwise by special order.
  • Operations Manuals can be found here
  • By default, systems include a flush line suction pump to assure adequate pressure during backwash cycles. This pump is redundant in high pressure applications, and is deleted in those documents. The suction pump has no impact on the overall footprint of a skid. 
  • All of the filter models listed include our Touchscreen Type 1 control panel with HMI interface.  Standard control panels are also available.
    • Touchscreen Type 1 PLC - PDF
Model Micron Max GPM/Filter Max PSI Configuration Specs
Omicron Master Spec DOCX
2900UV 25μ 60 150 Single or Twin PDF
5300-25(V) 25μ 95 150 Single or Twin PDF
5300-10(V) 10μ 65 150 Single or Twin PDF
8000-25(H) 25μ 180 150 Single PDF
10600-10(H) 10μ 135 150 Single PDF
10600-10(H) PN25 10μ 135 360 Single PDF
10600-10(H) PN16 10μ 135 230 Single PDF
13200-10(H) 10μ 165 150 Single PDF
13200-25(H) 25μ 250 150 Single PDF
16500-10(H) 10μ 205 150 Single PDF
16500-10(H) PN16 10μ 205 230 Single PDF
16500-10(H) PN25 10μ 205 360 Single PDF
Twin 16500-10(H) 10μ 205 (x2 = 410) 150 Twin PDF
Twin 16500-10(H) PN16 10μ 205 (x2 = 410) 230 Twin PDF
Twin 16500-10(H) PN25 10μ 205 (x2 = 410) 360 Twin PDF
21300-10(H) 10μ 265 150 Single PDF
21300-10(H) PN16 10μ 265 230 Single PDF
21300-10(H) PN25 10μ 265 360 Single PDF
21300-25(H) 25μ 400 150 Single PDF
21300-25(H) PN16 25μ 400 230 Single PDF
Twin 21300-10(H) 10μ 265 (x2 = 530) 150 Twin PDF
Twin 21300-10(H) PN16 10μ 265 (x2 = 530) 230 Twin PDF
Twin 21300-10(H) PN25 10μ 265 (x2 = 530) 360 Twin PDF
Twin 21300-25(H) 25μ 400 (x2 = 800) 150 Twin PDF